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About Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is a protective layer of waterproof material that is resilient enough to prevent the passage of water to the structural composite of your property with no hydrostatic pressure. Generally, damp proofing defends a building from moisture damage.  To help prevent interior moisture from getting into walls, vapour barriers are a very effective treatment. Various Damp Proofing methods are used for differing ways in which the problem presents itself.

The most common actions taken to prevent Damp Proofing are :

  • Integral Damp Proofing is by means of adding specialist materials to the concrete mix makes the composite itself waterproof and impermeable.
  • DPC - Which is a damp proof course which aids the prevention of moisture rising from the ground known as rising damp which transfers via capillary action. This barrier is applied to the layer usually below the masonry walls directly through the structured walls of your property. 
  • DMP - is the method of a Damp proof membrane, such as polyethene sheeting laid under or between the problem areas to prevent moisture penetrating the concrete and advancing through capillary action affecting the structure and stability of the property.

Taylor Hickey Damp Proofing only ever use the highest quality, guaranteed materials. You can find out in more detail about these types of materials on our technical advice pages along with the guarantees offered. 

A basic guide to common damp proofing materials

  • Mortar with waterproofing compounds
  • Coarse sand layers under floors
  • Continuous plastic sheets under floors
  • Flexible materials like butyl rubber, hot bitumen (asphalt), plastic sheets, bituminous felts, sheets of lead, copper, etc.
  • Semi-rigid materials like mastic asphalt
  • Rigid materials, like an impervious brick, stone, slate, cement mortar, or cement concrete painted with bitumen, etc.